Free dog adoption in Patna

Free dog adoption in Patna

Founded by Prabhakar. Meha Pet Services. Who served you Free dog adoption in Patna is a dedicated team of pet loving caretakers and trainers, based in Patna.

We are the best Pet shop in patna. Beacuse of our dedications and Free dog adoption in Patna services. Our providing german shepherd price in patna is very much less as compare to our competitors. Free dog adoption in patna are some of the major things we also do.
Our Pet shop in patna is the best and growing digital. Offline as well. You can buy pets online in patna as well. Besides this we also provide some more other service related pets. Pet's should be cared to much and also should be loved to much. We behave your pet as our and we also provide some more. Many Pet Shop in patna are providing services but they did not have the ability to compete because of our services and the breed quality we provide boxer dog price in patna is very much less our Pet shop in patna.

free dog adoption in patna

As we are growing more and more. We having too much of dedication and love for the pets. We do proper Dog care in Patna our pet shop in patna had been given the pets a lovely owners.  Also we had get very much of dogs via free dog adoption in patna. As sometimes too much of dogs some of the owner gives us their dog for proper care. we have a team of Veterinary Doctors who take care of the pets in patna. As we care too much the pets in patna we provide 24 Hours Veterinary Doctors to take Dog care in Patna 

Meet the founder


Pet shop in patna

I am Prabhakar!

The owner of this Pet shop in patna start his journey when he was not very much serious about his future but after getting very much pressure from his home his brother told him to start this business, Then from here the hustle starts his brother told him to just earn you own money and open this pet shop in patna as from now he get serious about his future, it went up a full of ways with fake peoples and good peoples as well after hustiling a lot sometimes he never ate for 24 hr just to open his pet shop in patna as afer all he opened the company and in the first day with the first customer of his shop he just selled out a dog priced 1 lakh and from here his growing now more and more and now there are also doing free dog adoption in patna as his pricing was very best in all labrador price in patna, pug dog price in patna
Labrador dog price in Patna, german shepherd dog best price in patna and our services also attracted many pet owners dog for sale in Patna Dog care in Patna

Our team makes us the best in all

As we deal with different breeds of dogs. Pomeranian Dog is one of the best dog we have Pet Shops For Pomeranian Dog are very not very much assure about their breeds but our Pet shop in patna is attracting very much of pet owners to our Pet shop in patna as we have best ranges of dogs Shops For German Shepherd Dog in patna charges very much high but our Pet shop in patna provides the owners with best price and with 100% assure breed.



I am Prabhakar i am founder of Meha Pet Shop. I am very much dedicated toward my love to the pets and as well as we also do free dog adoption in patna because of my true love on pet

Our business is dedicated towards respective roles. We Put lot of effort to achieve the common vision and larger goal. In the near future, this business aims to expand its line of products and services and cater to a larger client base In Patna. Free dog adoption in Patna

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As our pet shop in patna is growing very much and also we are doing free dog adoption in patna sometimes owners just wants to talk with us so regarding any query related to our Pet shop in patna just give us a call or schedule a meeting

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